Russell Westbrook And James Harden Together? It Will Never Work


Olympics Day 16 - Basketball

The NBA took a look at the sports schedule tonight and said, “You know what? Let’s have us a night, boys!” In the eternal words of Barstool Big Cat: THIS LEAGUE!!!! The Rockets have been itching to make a move all summer long and couldn’t for the life of them outside of re-signing their owns guys. The Thunder have been a slowly deflating tire for a week. Westbrook was bound to play with Jimmy Butler in Miami. Was practically begging for it. And now out of the CLOUDS Woj has decided to place Westbrook back with his former teammate in Houston for the ghost of Chris Paul and multiple first round picks. The last time they played Russ and Harden were at drastically different places in their career. Harden the sixth man and Russ the second cog to KD. Now Harden has surpassed Russ and they’ll have to learn each other’s rhythms several years after their forced split. I have no idea if it’s going to work but I’m very excited to find out. BRING ME THE SEASON SOON AND VERY SOON, PLEASE.