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Little Girl Thinks She's Hot Shit Because She Can Return Volley On The Ping Pong Table: Can of Corn

I’m so sick of parents using their kids “athletic accomplishments” as a way to get internet clout. It’s fucking embarrassing. Is the little girl decent at ping pong? Sure. She’s ok. But what’s with all the hopping and jumping? Are you a kangaroo or are you trying to get better at an Olympic sport that is beloved by most of the world? If it’s just a hobby, fine. Have fun. But if you’re gonna be serious about it, be serious about it. This game is not a game. It’s life just like Ball.

I blame the father, honestly. I know that’s not gonna be popular in today’s social media world but why wasn’t he coaching her up like this little girl’s dad? If you’re gonna do it, do it right.


PS: stop filming your kids with potato. Get an HD camera, for fuck sake. Looks like I’m blogging old videos which, in fact, I very well might be.