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Best Of Luck To Wes Iwundu After Shooting His Shot At Rihanna

You may be saying to yourself, who the fuck is Wes Iwundu. I get it, chances are you don’t watch a ton of Orlando Magic basketball. Iwundu is a 24 year old 6’7 wing who appeared in 68 games for the Magic last season averaging about 18 minutes a game. If you’ve never seen him play, he can do things like this

An intriguing player sure, but someone who is on Rihanna’s level? While I love the confidence, I have bad news for Wes. No chance in hell. You remember the last time an unproven NBA player professed his love for Rihanna?

Something tells me that this Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.43.22 AM

is not close to All Star caliber. Also, given how many good wings are currently in the East, I’m not seeing Iwundu breaking through this season either. But hey, you have to shoot your shot because in the end you never really know until you try. Maybe her standards have lowered from an All Star caliber player to someone who is just able to make an NBA roster. Doubtful, but maybe so I wish him nothing but luck. You have to admit his opening line was pretty nails. I don’t know how anyone could resits game like that. I know the Magic are probably putting high expectations on themselves after they finally made the playoffs last season, but this is almost as crazy as James Ennis declaring the Sixers are going to walk to the Finals.

Honestly though, this blog was just an excuse to post pictures of one of the baddest bitches on the planet and an all time smoke in Rihanna. I can see why Iwundu is interested