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Nick Nurse Shrugged Off A Text Saying Kawhi Was Leaving The Raptors So He Could Stay And Watch A Prince Impersonator Show In Vegas

I don’t know why, but this just seems perfect for all parties involved. I mean I actually know why. Because it’s Nick Nurse and Kawhi Leonard. Nick Nurse, the man with the personalized logo hat

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I love how laid back Nurse is according to our good friend Rachel Nichols. The man just wants to watch his Prince impersonator show after finding out that Kawhi is leaving the Raptors for the Clippers. Hell, it’s even more than that. He just found out his chance of being a title contender left. But he needed to catch some Purple Rain and Raspberry Beret.


And how about the text message move? I’m very much on team break up via text message. Well, I was before I got married. Don’t think I could do a divorce via text message. But, breaking up via text message is the move. I don’t want to deal with the theatrics on either side. If you’re dumping me, text me. If I’m dumping you, expect a text. I don’t need the face to face reaction. I don’t need the crying. I don’t need the yelling. Just a clean break and never see each other again. Me and Kawhi, two peas in a pod.