PSA To The Morons Who Are Limiting Their Own Ability To Find Something New In Life They Might Like

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Before we get into this week’s playlist, I want to clear something up real quick for the percentage of you who are morons. After posting last week, several people commented that the playlist sucked because they didn’t recognize any of the artists. I want you all to know how much that saddened me to see. I knew in theory that it wasn’t possible for everyone who read Barstool to be an open minded big wave surfer, but having hard proof that some people are completely closed to new experience was troubling to say the least. But—to be fair to the people who were upset not to see Taylor Swift—I never exactly laid out what this playlist is, so let me do that now.

Within this list are my favorite ten songs that I discovered in the past week. So what does that mean? It means that—even if they have existed for more than a week—after listening to as much new music as possible over the course of the last seven days, these songs are my favorite ten that I came across for the first time. Notice how I bolded “my.” I did that because I picked them based on my personal preferences for music. I did NOT pick them based on guesses of what YOUR preferences might be. It’s not that I don’t care about you and your preferences, it is just that that would be a guessing game that I would inevitably screw up all while draining the fun out of doing this in the first place.

My ultimate hope is that, through this playlist, music loving Stoolies will get exposure to ten new songs a week and from there can decide which ones out of the ten they like themselves. It is not curated around genre, energy, vibe, or artist. It is definitely not curated around potential to be radio hits. And I would never even think about curating it around songs you already know. It has no criteria other than being songs that are new to me that I like. With that being said, I hope you all will not only enjoy this week’s 10, but also go back to the Masterlist on my Spotify of all the songs from and find some new music that suits you.

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