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Wake Up With Adrian Peterson Getting Spun Like A Top Vs Jennie Finch

The best part of the All Star break is by far the celebrity softball game. Normally we get to see Rickey Henderson hit a leadoff homer and take 450 seconds to round the bases while popping his chain, but the other best part of the celebrity game is always Jennie Finch. She's like a fine wine, I swear she's getting younger. Finch is for sure on the Mount Rushmore of hottest female athletes. Not only is she a 17/10, she's probably the best softball pitcher ever. My favorite thing is her going against the top male athletes and absolutely embarrassing her. She's done it to countless baseball players, and here she is spinning Adrian Peterson around like a top. He is literally spinning himself into the dirt. He's a top athlete and could barely tip a pitch. God damnit do those risers look scary as they come towards you. I mean not only is she a dime, but she will spin one right by your earhole and smile while doing it. My queen, Jennie Finch.