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Barstool Philly Sports And Life Podcast: Competitive Eater Skin & Bones Discusses Wing Bowl And How Smitty Got Shat On During The WIP Morning Show



And there you have it. Wing Bowl is in just about 2 weeks and we’re ready to dance to the shitshow. We discuss how I got destroyed during our appearance on the WIP Morning Show, the training process of a competitive eater (Enemas? Thanks but no thanks), and post Wing Bowl first ballot HOF Snapchat worthy shits. Also, above is just a snippet of all the happy horseshit that’s in @BarstoolFranco’s apartment (apologize for his low audio). We may have to do a Barstool Cribs on that shanty.

Oh, and Mick Foley will be at the Wing Bowl competing this year. Bring it. #SKIN&BONES2015


Last Year’s Wing Bowl Video (RIP Mo’s Wardrobe):
[kaltura-video id=455]