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Guy Shoots Wife After She Nags Him For Not Honoring Sex Bet Over Wii Game

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Pentiction – An argument over a bet placed on a video game escalated into a full-blown relationship crisis that ended in the shooting death of his common-law wife, a retired RCMP officer testified at his second-degree murder trial.Keith Wiens admitted to firing a single shot into the head of Lynn Kalmring in August 2011 at their Penticton home, but maintains she was carrying a knife and he acted in self-defence. They drank alcohol, ate dinner, then played Nintendo Wii video games. He said the two often made bets of a sexual nature on the games. He lost the bet that night, and when he went to bed around 10:40 p.m., found sex toys on his pillow, but moved them aside because he wanted to rest up for a golf game the next day. He said Kalmring became upset when she saw that he was not in the mood to settle the bet. Wiens said she confronted him a number of times afterwards as he tried to sleep and suggested that he didn’t want to have sex with her because he was no longer attracted to her, and that he wanted to go to work in Grande Prairie to get out of their relationship. “I said, ‘No, it’s nothing to do with that. I love you. I just need to get some sleep,’” he recalled. Kalmring, he continued, was drunk and grew increasingly agitated before he told her to go to their spare bedroom, which she did. He then fell asleep, but woke later to her hitting him. He eventually told her to pack her things and go live with her kids.  At that, “I would say that she snapped,” Wiens said, and after a final expletive-filled tirade, she left again. Wiens said he then armed himself with the handgun he kept in his beside table because he feared for his life. “She was not Lynn. She was crazy and she’d just assaulted me when I was sound asleep, and I was worried about what was coming next.” Soon, he said, she re-entered the bedroom with a knife and rushed at him. “I backed up … and I lifted up my gun and I shot her,” Wiens said, his voice rising in pitch and growing quieter.

All right now I’m torn here. On the one hand, nobody likes anyone who welches on a bet. If you agree to fuck your wife’s brains out with all her sex toys over a Wii Bowling Challenge and you lose, well then you gotta fill her up with various dildos and vibrators. Thats what an honorable man does. Thats what a respectable man does. If you can’t deliver payment, either make sure you win or don’t make the bet at all. I don’t care if the bet was that she was gonna fuck you with those toys like Frank Gallagher in Shameless – if you shake on that bet you’ve put your honor on the line. If you won that frame of Wii Bowling you would have been cashing in on that blow job, 500%. No matter how many excuses she threw out there. I’d stab someone too if I got gypped out of my oral.

On the other hand, this is such a classic chick overreaction. “She and suggested that he didn’t want to have sex with her because he was no longer attracted to her.” Christ almighty. Ladies, sometimes when we say we wanna go to sleep to get up early for golf, we just need to get up early for golf. It doesn’t mean we don’t find you sexy. It doesn’t mean we don’t love your or we’re not attracted to you. Believe it or not sometimes we just don’t want to fuck. Sometimes my dick and I are just fucking sleepy. Same thing goes for when you’re like “What are you thinking?” and I reply “nothing.” That means that literally nothing is running through my brain or I’m doing something stupid like internally debating who would win in a fight – a sabertooth tiger or a wooly mammoth. Either way, if I say “nothing” that doesn’t mean I’m hiding something from you or don’t wanna talk to you. Same with the refusal of sex. Maybe I had beat off right before bed. Maybe I’m still hungover. And maybe I’m just really tired. Bottom line is I’ll probably wanna fuck tomorrow so just give it a rest.