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Jacoby Brissett's Brain Is On Another Universe

With the Colts training camp starting in 14 days, it looks like Jacoby Brissett, or as good friend Coach Pagano (who I did laundry and got coffee for) would say “Jacoby Brisket” has been finding some wisdom on his summer vacation. Or maybe Andrew Luck is texting him questions off his flip phone that only Stanford students know.

Let’s see the results for these questions!

Question 1:


I like both of these answers, so I’m going with Dick and balls on this one.

Question 2:


I honestly have no idea what this means but I won’t question the professor. But as a wise man once said,

Question 3:


I still wash the cup. I’m known to backwash everything I drink but I can’t help it.

Call him Jacoby Brissett or Jacoby Mush, he’s putting on a show with these thoughts and I love it. Since Andrew doesn’t use social media, we need a QB to speak for the Boys in Blue. I’d be intelligent too if I worked with Brady, Belichick, Reich and Luck. Hot seat though: