I Formally Challenge Congresswoman Joyce Beatty To A Debate

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 2.52.58 PM

Here I am just trying to enjoy my Tuesday afternoon when Ohio congresswoman Joyce Beatty basically declares war against me and everything I believe in. Saying that vaping isn’t “fleek” and that fat clouds don’t make you cool!?! Read a book for me one time, Joyce. Everyone knows vaping is the easiest to way get your street cred up and to get all the chicks you want.

Some people are suggesting that Joyce just watched a certain FOX News interview where a millennial vaping enthusiast put a board certified doctor in a body bag.

That’s not for me to say, but it’s certainly possible.

Anyway, if Joyce is interested, I’d gladly challenge her to a public debate and/or vape off. You know where to find me.