Restaurant Writes Inspiring Note On Top Of Delivery Container For Take Out Customer Who Had Just Been Dumped

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YahooAs many women can relate, being dumped is a horrible feeling filled with sorrow and pints of ice cream. But in Samantha’s case, her pity party was brought to an abrupt halt Sunday when she received an uplifting message on her to-go container from Truly Vegan, a restaurant in Los Angeles. “I had just been dumped and was in full-blown break up mode,” La Rocco, 23, told “I was ordering food in, and my hair was mess and I had my break up pants on.” In the midst of her sorrow, she decided to include a note in the special instructions section online while placing her order that read, “I’ve just been dumped. Please draw something inspiring on the container.” Not expecting the restaurant to even really read the note, let alone follow through, she was more than pleasantly surprised when she received her salad. “It was the happiest salad I’ve ever had in my life,” she said. “I kept the container. It’s still in the refrigerator.” Included on the Styrofoam box was a stick figure holding a sign surrounded by hearts that said, “You’re worth it,” followed by “You don’t need him to be happy,” with a sunshine above it. The message on the box was exactly what La Rocco needed to pick herself up and dust herself off. “This is the best break up I’ve had,” she said. “The food container thing has totally helped.” And as for the man who dumped her after a year and a half of dating, she says, “It was so dumb. He’s a very young 25. Let’s put it that way.”

I would have drawn a giant dick on that styrofoam container with a note that said “Get Fucked.” Not even in like a disrespectful, mocking way. That would be my God’s honest advice. Go out there, find a dick, and fuck it. Nobody likes the ugly lonely girl sitting at home in her “break up pants” counting all 35 of her cats. Get your ass in the shower, take off those break up sweat pants, put on a skirt without underwear and get back in the ball game. Yea, I guess its all fucking rainbows and sunshine from Truly Vegan. Really sweet they drew a stick figure and told you “You’re worth it.” But the folks at Truly Vegan don’t know Samantha. They don’t know the first thing about her. Maybe she’s not worth it. Maybe she does need him to be happy. Don’t wanna give a pathetic chick false hope.

But you also don’t want her to off herself because you didn’t draw anything on the container. You don’t want that hanging over your head. So you draw something for her thats some good, honest advice. Go get some dick, babe. Its what you want. Its what you need. Even unshowered lonely chicks can get laid. And that shit will make you happy. Fucking free advice from Dr. KFC over here. I should charge for this shit.