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Today In Why Couldn't This Happen In 1999: Tara Reid Offered A Million Bucks To Release Her Sex Tape


TMZ – Tara Reid has a million reasons to rip off her clothes and have sex with a stranger — a porn site likes what it sees and is offering big money for her to star in its next skin flick. According to the offer, — an on Demand porn site — was so impressed by a sexy nude pic she posted on Instagram on NYE, it’s ponying up $1M for her to, as they put it, “showcase her beauty and talent” by having sex on film. Sounds like they only have her best interests in mind … they’re offering the 39-year-old an opportunity for her to tastefully explore her sexuality with full creative control.

Real life Logjammin’!

Seriously the best move Tara Reid can make outside of donating her body to science. The easiest way to vault yourself back into the celebrity conversation is a well timed sex tape. Public relations 101 for 2015. You can’t blame Tara Reid one bit for considering to snake it until she somewhat makes it back to relevance. This Sharknado craze only comes around once a year and you gotta figure SyFy is only going to let them make 40 more sequels. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

They wouldn’t even have to change the name from Sharknado, just maybe add a couple XXX and some anal. This has potential on the nostalgia factor alone. You’re a first class bushwhacker if you think Tara Reid circa American Pie/Van Wilder wasn’t the tits of the town. Just a shame the concoction of plastic surgery, eating disorders and Hepatitis does a number on a body.

Never forget: