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Hottest Post 40 Year Old Chick Ever?

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NY Post – Helena Christensen proves she’s still got the perfect body – by stripping naked for a magazine shoot. The Danish cracker – who turned 44 on Christmas Day – flaunted her stunning figure in a series of racy shots for FutureClaw magazine. In another shot, she wears a black bra and no knickers, protecting her modesty with a china swan. Helena shot to fame as a top supermodel after winning the Miss Denmark crown in the ’80s, and Gianna Versace said she had the ‘best body in the world.’

I’ve never heard of Helena Christensen before this. I guess she dominated the 80s. Which makes perfect sense, because she’s so fucking hot she’s still dominating the 2010’s. Is this chick fucking serious? She looks like Katie Holmes if Katie Holmes was sexy and slutty instead of being a brainwashed weirdo prude idiot. Just absolutely redefining “Fuck Me Eyes.” Kate Beckinsale is still technically 39. In a year when she’s 40 I would still pick Kate as the hottest chick over the age of 40. Sofia Vergara just barely makes the club at 41 years of age, and she’s definitely a dick wrecker. I wouldn’t blame anyone for picking her. Obviously Halle Berry is in the mix. Maybe Jen Aniston? Eventually Jolie.

But right now, at this moment, I think you gotta say this Helena Christensen is the hottest chick over the age of 40. You could have told me she was 25 and I wouldn’t have doubted it for a second.

NSFW pic here