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Scranton Man Almost Faced A Year In Jail For His FHRITP Antics

SCRANTON — An 18-year-old man who grabbed a Pennsylvania television reporter’s arm and yelled obscenities during a live broadcast has pleaded guilty to harassment. Police say former Lackawanna College student Tyrone Parker ran up to WNEP’s Stacy Lange during the November news report and yelled a profane phrase that’s been used periodically by people ambushing television reporters over the past year. Unflustered, Lange continued with her report about Scranton’s budget. Parker, of Pottstown, must pay a $300 fine plus $163 in fees after pleading guilty Wednesday. He could have faced jail time under an original charge of lying to police. Lange says Parker has called her to apologize.

There’s no way this kid should have faced a $300+ fine or be threatened with a year in jail for “Harrassment”. If he would’ve tackled or goosed Stacy Lange, then OK. But that? Get off your moral high horse, Scranton. Go to Poor Richard’s or Lake wallenpaupack and let off some steam. But I guess it’s the official nail in the coffin for FHRITP, if it wasn’t dead and buried to begin with. When Jameis Winston proclaimed it from a cafeteria table it was already beaten to death for a good 2-3 months. If anything I would like to know what this kid from Pottstown was doing in the borough of Scranton. Those two societies are on the opposite ends of civilization.

Never forget the good ol’ days:

h/t Dutch