Toronto Doesn't Deserve To Watch Vladdy Jr In The Home Run Derby After Getting Vince Carter's Dunk Contests

We know what happened last night. Vlad Jr. put on a goddamn show. It was arguably the most impressive home run derby performance of all time. You could say Aaron Judge, Josh Hamilton or McGwire back in the day. But, the bombs Vladdy hit plus his matchup vs Joc Pederson made it legendary.

But, it’s bullshit. Toronto doesn’t deserve to watch this. Not after they got Vince Carter in the dunk contest.

Oh, sure. They may have lost Vince. They may have lost Kawhi. But, they are shitty fans. Remember when they cheered Durant getting booed? We do. Plus, it’s Toronto. That’s not cool. I need Vladdy to be an Oriole like I needed Vince to be a Knick, selfishly of course.

Simply put they are way too cool to be in Toronto. I don’t care how big of a fanbase they have in Canada. I’m not in Canada. Therefore I want to watch them and go nuts. Toronto seems to have all the luck. Getting Kawhi for DeRozan. Winning a title. Now getting the best home run derby contestant after having the best dunk contest contestant.

I vote we trade Vladdy Jr. right now.