The Captain Is Back!

Fox Sports- Derek Jeter will rejoin the New York Yankees on Thursday afternoon and is expected to be in their lineup at either shortstop or designated hitter against the Kansas City Royals, according to major league sources. Jeter, 39, will be playing for the first time this season after undergoing surgery on his left ankle last October. He suffered the original injury during the American League Championship Series, then had a setback in April when doctors discovered a small crack in his ankle, near the initial break.

For anyone who says guys can’t have multiple orgasms, tell that to the inside of my boxers. It is showtime in the Bronx and it could not have come as a better time for the Yankees. Jeter gets a few games in and then a few days rest before the 2 half stretch to the playoffs. Best of all is he starts the comeback off against the Royals and Twins which is basically like being sent from AAA to AA.

I know some people are going to say “Well it might rain here too.” “Sit in Scranton or Sit in the Bronx.” May be true, but it’s better to get him in a 1pm game in NY then sitting around in a Holiday Inn in Wilkes Barre playing with his dick waiting to see if he has a game tonight. Also, lets be honest, we all should have seen this coming a week ago. Did anyone think Derek Jeter was riding a bus to fucking Buffalo? That’s as classless as not giving away a goodie bag after stuffing a model he pulled out of 1-Oak.

I’ll be tweeting with one hand all day: @BarstoolJJ