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Avery Bradley Joining Rajon Rondo On The Lakers Is One Gigantic Mindfuck

Toronto Raptors v Boston Celtics

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Well this is rather nauseating. We as Celtics fans lived through this scenario last year when our beloved Rajon Rondo joined the dark side, and while that was already hard to stomach things went up a notch when he shit down all of our throats at the Garden last season

Christ, I just triggered the shit out of myself rewatching that video. Poor decision by me. Well now the other backcourt running mate and someone who while he didn’t win a title in Boston was universally loved. He played hard, was a beast defensively and was a player that developed through their system going form the G-League to a legit NBA starting caliber guard. It hurt when Ainge had to trade Avery to DET for Mook in order to be able to afford Gordon Hayward, but that trade ended up working out for the most part so we dealt with it. Since then Avery bounced around from LAC to MEM, had some injury issues but make no mistake about it, seeing him now rock the purple and gold with Rajon Rondo makes me sick to my stomach. That is simply a scenario I don’t think my brain was every prepared for.

In terms of fit, Avery is pretty perfect for the Lakers which is what makes this even more upsetting. They need shooting, Avery shot 38% with 2.0 3PM as a Grizzlie last season. He’ll live in the mid to high 30s, but he’s a player who you have to at least respect from deep so he’ll help create space. Defensively, if he’s healthy he gives the Lakers a legit stopper who can help them stay with some of the elite guards in their conference. They didn’t really have a consistent strong perimeter defender in the guard spot before this move, so he definitely helps them there as well. The whole thing stinks and it stinks out loud, even if there was no way for Avery to return to Boston, I think we can all agree as Celtics fans that anywhere but LAL would have been fine.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to spend the next few minutes reliving the glory days one last time, because now I have to hate Avery Bradley and I NEVER thought I would have to hate Avery Bradley. Fucking LeBron.