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Tiger Woods Is Training For The Open Championship By Waking Up At 1am So RIP To The Rest Of The Field



It’s over. Just give our guy Tiger ‘The Boss Man’ Woods the Claret Jug right now. Who else is training like this? Nobody, I bet. Nobody except Tiger is thinking this far ahead for the time change and that’s what makes him great. I bet he’s been waking up at 1am since the US Open ended but he’s only revealing his strategy now because the other guys won’t have time to catch up before Royal Portrush. Tiger is out here playing chess while every other golfer is playing checkers. Was that a super weird video? Yeah it was but Tiger is the greatest of all time for a reason, he does weird things and those weird things equal major championship victories. It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work. The rest of the golf world has officially been put on notice for the Open championship.