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The Draftkings $700K NFL Divisional Clash Is Where The Money's At This Weekend


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Draftkings coming in hot again! $20 to enter, $100K to first. Now that’s not too shabby of a ROI of I can say so myself, that is if you can one-up this lineup sent from the depths of Hades. Owen Daniels either gets shut out or scores 3 TD’s. The way I’ve been running lately I’m hammering the former. Good luck.

Contest Details:

-$700K NFL Divisional Clash
-1st place prize: $100,000
-$20 to enter, top 8,320 fantasy scores win cash
-Pick 9 NFL players from the 4 divisional playoff games for a chance at the $100,000 1st place prize
-This week marks the last week you can win big playing fantasy football on DraftKings
-Premiere match-ups this weekend: Ravens vs. Pats, Panthers vs. Seahawks, Packers vs Cowboys, Broncos vs. Colts

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