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The Summer League Guru Is Here To Save Your Day

While all of you were on your vacations, I hit the books on some NBA Summer League and I became the best over night. I have been spitting out winners left and right but I need to Thank the Miami Heat for being the best Summer league team of all time. They were -6.5 against China, they won by 6,000 points and said fuck you to Vegas. I love this team like no other, they have been down in almost every game and just annoy teams and end up winning. I just have the feel for these games right now and Vegas is blessing you with a 3pm game today to finish out your work day.


Thunder vs 76ers -3

I must say that both of these teams are not very good. The 76ers have some returning players from last year who actually played some meaningful minutes and Marial Shayok was a damn terror in college. I am actually just happy that he’s not on Iowa State anymore because he was a damn menace and lost me a lot every time I bet against him. The Thunder just don’t have that summer league edge. I think this 76ers team puts a little beating on them.

Pick 76ers -3

Extra –

Mavs ML

Please for the next week while Summer League is on I want to be called guru. It only makes sense to.