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Bobby Portis Says That He And A Bunch Of Other NBA Players Knew That Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Were Going To Sign With The Nets For Months

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets

NY Post- Bobby Portis, the Knicks’ new 6-foot-11 backup power forward, says all the players knew back in February that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were headed to Brooklyn. It seems hard to fathom, but Portis says he had “sources.” “I knew what was gonna happen in February,” he reportedly said courtside during a summer league game Saturday. “We all knew that [Durant and Irving would join the Nets]. Everybody knew that. I just don’t think the media knew that. Us basketball players, we all knew that.”

Just like that, I am officially OUT on the Bobby Portis signing. I had no problem with the Knicks using a bunch of cap space by cornering the power forward market after Kevin Durant signed with the Nets because my basketball soul died when KD’s network that shall never be mentioned on this blog again announced he was going to Brooklyn on Instagram. And no true Knicks fan that considers Charles Oakley a God like I do would be upset that the Knicks added a guy like this, even if a $31 million over 2 years seemed a tad bit much for a backup player.

However, I cannot allow Bobby to say that KD and Kyrie going to Brooklyn was a lock for months as the Knicks traded their 7’3″ unicorn for a 2nd max slot, some picks, and Dennis Smith Jr. Bobby willingly withholding #PorBombs from teams that may be interested in signing him is unacceptable. To quote the great philosopher Elizabeth The Stripper “Secret secrets are no fun. Secret secrets hurt someone”.

And those someones were Knicks fans YET AGAIN. If Bobby could have told the Knicks they were out of the running for KD and Kyrie during the season, maybe Kristaps Porzingis would still be a Knick or at the very least their Ewok owner wouldn’t have gone on the Michael Kay Show and made the entire franchise like a bunch of fucking idiots yet again.

However, maybe Portis was signed because he is actually an NBA #insider that also happens to be an NBA player and he will be able to manage our expectations for any free agents we stupidly start to believe are going to come here because someone’s AAU coach is now a ticket salesman for the Knicks or that a lot of Greek people live in New York City. Maybe Scott Perry can show Portis different Photoshops of upcoming free agents in Knicks jersey and Portis can just nod or shake his head if they even have a shot at that guy. Because at this point, I refuse to believe the Knicks have a shot at any superstar regardless of what the reports say. But if the Knicks signed Portis to be their basketball playing version of Woj, I am officially back IN on the Bobby Portis signing. Plus someone that pulls a move like this during their introductory press conference can’t be all that bad.