Does The Women's World Cup Count As Another Championship For Philly Sports?

Zach and Julie Ertz. The Royal Family. One of the most athletic families in all of the world. 2 World Cups and a Super Bowl. I don’t think there’s another husband/wife duo in the world with that kind of trophy case.

Now I’m not trying to take anything away from the USWNT’s historic run at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. I’m not trying to suggest that Julie Ertz’s accomplishments are all Zach Ertz’s as well. Julie Johnston was winning World Cups all on her own before Zach Ertz came into the picture. But…it’s just that people say that family is the most important thing in life. And if family truly is as important as people have been saying it is, well then accomplishments should be shared within those families. Which would mean that the United States Women’s National Team winning back-to-back World Cup championships count just as much as a win for Philly sports as Super Bowl LII does. The same way that Super Bowl LII counted as another championship for the USWNT. Which would mean that Philadelphia is continuing it’s long and storied tradition of being the most dominant sports cities on the planet. Facts are facts.


Listen. It’s not easy being from Philly and having to keep track of all of our championships. It never gets old but sometimes it just gets to be a bit much. We’re not out here flaunting all of our successes and keeping a list of them on a sign or anything like some little pre-pubescent dingus. But every once in a while we just need to remind the world that we run shit. Oh, and Carli Lloyd is from right over the bridge in South Jersey so that’s another reason why Philly deserves some credit for that World Cup win yesterday. It’s just so damn good to be us.

P.S. – Just found out that I’m a day older than Julie Ertz. She’s been able to win two World Cups with 24 fewer hours than I have. I really need to start getting my shit together.