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Omar Vizquel Playing Catch Is The Best Thing You'll See On A Baseball Field Today

Why am I so dialed in to a 50 year old man playing catch? Because it’s a fucking magic trick. That’s why. I’ve slowed this video down to frame-by-frame level analysis. I’ve watched it a thousand times while shouting ENHANCE at my computer and still I got nothing for you guys. There’s no  reasonable explanation for how the ball ends up in his hand which brings me to this.

Are shortstops the coolest athletes in pro sports? Find me another position on another team that automatically means you’re the coolest person on the field. You could argue quarterback but some of those guys are total fucking losers and the others are way too serious for me.

Shortstops bring sex to the ballpark on a daily basis. They’re the smoothest ballplayers and generally the most athletic and that’s because it’s by far the most important position on the field. If you play shortstop in the big leagues you are in the upper echelon of sweet dudes in sports, arguably at the very top.


Then there’s Omar Vizquel, the AL’s version of Ozzie Smith with a little more power and a lot more steroids. Love this guy. Love these highlights.