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Wake Up With The GOAT

Chris Berman hasn’t called a Home Run Derby in years but that doesn’t mean shit to me. Tonight belongs to Berman because it will always belong to Berman. Our childhoods practically marinated in his BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK GONE home run call. That and his complete obliviousness to anything related to baseball. THIS GUY HERE CAN HIT THEM TO MEXICO. Thanks Chris but the outfield fence is northeast facing. Nevermind.

In reality I just wanted a reason to post the following Berman rant because pound for pound there’s nothing like a grown man getting unreasonably pissed off. And this one’s loaded with gems: the fake apology at 33 seconds. The I Give Up transition around 50 second mark. The Diet Coke at 1:07.  You couldn’t recreate this production value if you tried.


Imagine getting that mad about something. Pretty stupid if you ask me.