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Miss Westchester Suing NYPD For $200 Million For Wrongfully Arresting Her Over Stolen Car

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Daily MailA teenage beauty queen who claims police roughed her up, humiliated her and allowed a prisoner to spit on her after being wrongfully arrested is suing the NYPD for $210million. Reigning Miss Westchester, 19-year-old Kristy Abreu, claims she and her mother were tormented for hours by up to 20 officers after they were mistakenly pulled over on suspicion of driving a stolen car because of a ‘computer glitch’. According to their compensation claim for $210million filed with the city, officers subjected them to invasive frisks and took their possessions — including Miss Abreu’s Miss Westchester sash and crown. They were then allegedly thrown in the cells 32nd Precinct stationhouse, intimidated and denied access to food, drink or the toilet. A female prisoner was also allowed to spit on the women repeatedly and harass them with shouts of ‘pretty girl’ and ‘crying little b****’, they allege.  Miss Abreu, who was on her way to a fashion show that night, told the New York Daily News: ‘We were treated like animals. When we got to the precinct, they just started laughing at us. ‘I just hope the community becomes aware of the ways police harass people and make them feel bad. It was just a nightmare.’ Paredes, along near W 145th St and Eighth Ave at about 9pm on May 5 when they were stopped for a minor traffic violation. The women claim they showed valid registration and insurance papers for the Honda Civic but were taken into custody apparently because officers thought the car was stolen. The pair claim they told officers they were stopped last year due to a computer glitch that made it appear the car was stolen. But they allege it was another two hours before they let Miss Abreu get the title documents. When she returned, officers released both women without charge.

You know there are some lieutenants or captains or even Commissioner Kelly who are fucking furious right now. Slamming their hands against their desks and throwing papers all over their office like “Goddam it! You know we don’t harass good looking white people! Follow fucking protocol!” You wanna stop and frisk some people in the hood? Go nuts. You can sometimes straight up shoot and kill black dudes or Hispanic dudes and somehow get away with it. But the 19 year old white beauty queen from Westchester is a different story. You don’t wrongfully imprison a white girl and her mother. You don’t let some Big Bertha bitch spit on her in prison. And you sure as fuck don’t confiscate her Miss USA sash. Thats the fastest way to catch a 200 million dollar case.