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Funny or Not? Man Puts On 15 Shirts At The Airport To Avoid The Overweight Luggage Fee

One Scotsman who found himself with an overweight suitcase at the check-in desk was not prepared to pay any extra fees on his flight from France to Edinburgh. John Irvine opened his bag in front of amused EasyJet staff at Nice Airport and began layering on his clothing.

Alright so this story was going viral over the holiday weekend because of how relatable it was (I guess). People were tagging each other left and right saying how this ALMOST happened to them on their vacation. And I hate to be the all-business bad guy here, but I don't think this is funny whatsoever. This guy is a complete asshole. Here, watch it for yourself and make your own read, then we'll discuss.
One of my biggest pet peeves in this entire world is people that are unprepared. I think back to when six members of Barstool Idol didn't bring a computer with them. Huh??? We were literally trying out to work at an internet company. I brought two. And it was all ha ha, funny funny amongst those members while they waited for the company to provide them with a platform to blog with. Idiots.
And that brings me to this guy. It's not like the luggage weight limits fluctuate on a day to day basis. You can look them up beforehand, and it is on you to make sure your bags are under the weight limit. To the consumer with a working brain, that means that you should pack your bag and weigh it before you leave. To this clearly unintelligent fellow (look at the way his son tweets), I guess that means to eyeball the bag and make the adjustments at the airport. You know, the place where everyone is so excited to be waiting in lines.
It's not like this guy was one or two shirts over. He had to put 15 shirts on to get his bag under the limit. A quick Google search tells me that one shirt is about 6 ounces. Let's see….15 shirts…6 ounces…that's about five and half pounds. That's a lot of weight to be off by when we're talking about a standard 50 pound limit. They should've sent him to the end of the line instead of letting him change right then and there. No one else in line has time for this guy's bullshit. I hope he had to wear all 15 shirts on the airplane. And I hope he had to sit by his son, too.