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The Way Kawhi Leonard Jerked Around The Lakers Makes Him An Even Bigger Legend

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Just when I thought it was impossible to love Kawhi Leonard any more than I already did for the bone job he did to the Lakers, that little nugget right there from Ramona Shelburne is the cherry on top. What a diabolical move from Kawhi and one that honestly wasn’t even necessary. You don’t think Uncle Dennis couldn’t have just called the Lakers and told them they were changing the time? I’m fairly confident the Lakers would have met with Kawhi whenever the hell he wanted, even if they had to push it back hours. The fact that they changed the location on LAL all because Kawhi was quietly plotting with Paul George is so awesome. Seeing as how I have no idea where these two places are I went to Google and this is what it told me

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 8.49.21 AM

That’s not just down the street by any means. You throw in some LA traffic into that bad boy and that’s a real dick move. Probably their form of payback for the Lakers being a faucet with 100000 leaks.

We all knew Kawhi’s camp didn’t want that and I’m not sure there is anything on earth more mean than making someone sit in traffic. In fact, we haven’t seen a power move like this since Seth Green in Entourage

That’s all I could picture when I saw that tweet on my timeline yesterday. Well played Kawhi, well played.

In the end, I would say as painful as it was to wait out Kawhi’s decision, it could not have played out any better. For starters he’s out of the East, he didn’t cave to be LeBron’s bitch, he made the Lakers drive all over the place like a bunch of clowns while he solidified his own plan, and now the NBA has the potential to be really balanced. I don’t think we’ve ever seen someone play their hand so perfectly and seeing as how it was at the Lakers expense makes it all the more delicious.


Also, this picture will never not be funny to me. Poor Rich Paul and Klutch, they got bamboozled and his face says it all.