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Today In Mets News: Now We Have Brodie Van Wagenen Reportedly Throwing Chairs During Meetings With Mickey Callaway And His Coaches

NY Post- A tumultuous Mets season took another strange twist, with general manager Brodie Van Wagenen punctuating a heated meeting with the team’s coaching staff by throwing a chair, according to club sources. The incident occurred following Friday’s 7-2 loss to the Phillies in which closer Edwin Diaz imploded in the ninth inning, allowing four runs in his latest meltdown.

An irate Van Wagenen assembled manager Mickey Callaway and the coaching staff in the coaches’ room immediately after the game, according to a source, and lashed out at the individuals present — bemoaning the fact Jacob deGrom’s strong performance had been wasted. Accompanying Van Wagenen at the meeting was assistant GM Allard Baird. After ripping the coaches, according to a source, the usually mild-mannered Van Wagenen picked up a chair and threw it and told Callaway to go conduct his “f–king press conference.” Callaway provided no hint that anything was amiss as he met with reporters following the loss.



Do you know how angry someone as handsome as Brodie Van Wagenen has to get to become a chair throwing lunatic like Catcus Jack? I mean I understand why he is so angry since he may have the worst owner in all of sports as a boss and his bullpen is a nightly 4th of July fireworks show. But why is Brodie so mad at Mickey and company? Mickey isn’t the one who traded the 6th pick from last year’s draft for a closer who had one incredible season and a contract that may somehow go down as one of the worst in Mets history. And yes I understand how bold of a statement that is. But if Cano looks like a corpse now, what’s he going to look like in 4 years when he has another $100 million in the bank and countless Mets fans poking holes in voodoo dolls of him?

If anything, Mickey should be the one throwing tables because he is just picking whatever gasoline can looks best on a given night. Then again, someone that is already responsible for a 5-win month, his team batting out of order, and some of the worst managing Mets fans have ever seen, which I again understand how bold of a statement that is, probably shouldn’t throw chairs at glass houses.

As the “optimistic” Mets fan here at Barstool, here are my spinzones:

1. I don’t know what kind of velocity Brodie got on that chair, but he is at best our new closer and at worst another arm for a bullpen that cannot possibly get any worse.

2. At least the chair didn’t burn anything down (that we know of).


3. At least this isn’t even in the Top 10 most embarrassing moments of the 2019 Mets season and likely won’t even be the top one in July considering there have been at least five all-time embarrassing/depressing/shitshow moments since KFC wrote this blog ELEVEN DAYS AGO!!!


Thank God we started a Mets podcast so we can document all of them in one easy to find place.