How About This Drunk Asshole Trying To Wrestle Ben Askren In A Hotel Lobby Last Night?!

In just a few hours, “Funky” Ben Askren will meet Jorge Masvidal inside the octagon at UFC 239 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada in what in undoubtedly the most anticipated bout of the evening, but from the looks of things, he almost went through a fight with a drunkard in his hotel lobby last night!

For a few hours, it was unclear whether or not this was somebody Ben knew that was just a little too tipsy and fucking with him, which seemed unlikely, but I met a whole squad of drunk Askren fans yesterday and I’ll tell ya – they are definitely capable of this. Fucking wrestling guys. Ben later confirmed that it was a total rando, however…


…so credit to him for not squeezing this dude’s head like a god damn watermelon.

If I were him, I think I definitely would have. I mean…homeboy definitely got grabby enough for Askren to plead self defense and win, right?!

I’m just happy that Ben is all good and we get to watch him inside the octagon again tonight, because that is going to be a CRACKER of a fight. I’ll have coverage all night live from press row, so make sure you check back here for more later on!