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Indians Starting Pitcher Carlos Carrasco Has Been Diagnosed With Leukemia

Well, damn. Back in June the Indians announced that Carrasco would be stepping away from baseball activities after being diagnosed with a blood condition following several weeks of feeling lethargic, and now he’s been diagnosed with leukemia. It’s terrible news for this to happen to anyone, but Cookie really is one of the best guys out there. Prayers up to him and his family.

I don’t know how you treat someone after a diagnoses like this, but I do know the Indians are hosting the All-Star game in 3 days. Could he throw out the first pitch? Maybe that’s too soon or it’s too much, but he really is beloved in the community and I think it would be a great gesture. And it’d get the loudest applause of the evening, letting him know that the entire league is behind him.

Also, although his health is the #1 priority for him and his family, how about that little nugget at the end of Heyman’s tweet? “The hope is that he will be able to return to pitch this season.” I’m not a doctor but I did not know that you could get over cancer that quickly. There’s only two and a half months left in the season. I can tell you this, don’t let the Indians get to a point where Carlos Carrasco is returning for a big game. There will be some Angels in the Outfield type shit going on in that one. You absolutely hate to see this happen to such a good guy, but if he’s able to make a full recovery this year, that kind of spark may be exactly what the Indians need to go on a special run.