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7 Minutes Into His NBA Career, Zion Williamson Has Already Killed A Guy

Safe to say it took a little while for Zion to get his footing in his NBA debut, and that’s understandable. I can only imagine a few reasons why he may have been feeling some pressure but boyyy did he let it all out with that dunk. That’s some grown man shit right there and the Zion Era is officially off and running. This is why he’s a blogger’s dream, everything he does is going to be must watch stuff with clips where he makes fellow NBA players look like children. Sure Kevin Knox isn’t exactly the strongest person on the planet, but he does look much bigger compared to last summer. Zion snatched that ball like he was tired of his little brother trying to play with him and his friends so he had to put an end to it rather emphatically.

Yeah it hasn’t all been gravy for Zion so far in this game. Mitchell Robinson is giving him the business as is Kevin Knox on multiple occasions but that’s OK. In Summer League we’re just here for the dunks and Zion is more than willing to oblige.