Miss USA Can't Find A Date In NY, Joins Tinder

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NY Post – New York City’s dating scene is so brutal, even Miss USA has to look for love online! A guy searching on the matchmaking app Tinder was shocked to discover a profile for 6-foot stunner Nana Meriwether, who won her crown in 2012. “It’s funny — the guys I’ve said yes to have all been like, ‘Are you real?’ ” Meriwether told New York magazine. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, of course.’ Even pageant-title-holders get lonely.” Meriwether said it’s a struggle to find love in the Big Apple, where busy singles have short attention spans.  “Here’s the thing about dating in New York: It doesn’t exist,” she said. “There’s so much going on in the city, there are so many distractions, that people just forget to go on a second date.” Meriwether’s dating profile features a photo of herself in a bikini and pageant sash, and lists her location as lower Manhattan. The South African-born beauty said she first downloaded the app in April — back when she was still officially Miss USA — after a male friend encouraged her. “Mostly, I joined because a friend told me to, but I think it could be a great way to meet people, especially in New York City,” she told the mag. “I think when you’re single, you should try all avenues. And now there are so many new apps for dating — this one is just really fun.” Meriwether claimed she has never actually gone on a real date with the guys she meets on the app, noting she prefers old-fashioned matchmaking through friends. She said she doubts she’ll find her true love using Tinder, claiming she has only “approved” two or three guys — all of whom asked what the heck she was doing using the app.

First and foremost this obviously means Miss USA and her friends are Stoolies since Barstool essentially created Tinder and made it what it is today. Secondly lets address the fact that smokeshow chicks that say they can’t get a date are the biggest assholes on the planet earth. Thats such fucking bullshit. They all say the same shit about guys being intimidated to come up to them, which, by the way, is sneakily the cockiest thing you can possibly say. What that probably means is anytime dudes do come up to you, you’re a total Seaward and it never works out. If you’re a smoke you absolutely, 500% can get a date, its just whether or not they are up to your standards. Whether or not you’re willing to say yes. And if you’re talking about how hard it is to find a guy and how they’re all “intimidated,” it just means you’re a dick with too high standards.


Anyway, back to Tinder. Gotta love that Miss USA is Tindering late at night. How much fun would it be to pepper Nana Meriweather with beauty pageant questions on twitter? Like “Nana, studies show that face sitting is one of the most popular activities amongst American teens. If you were a teenager today, would you like to sit on someones face, or be the face sat upon, and why?”

PS – I know she says she doesn’t meet up with her Tinder matches but just the mere fact that you’re swiping around on there means you’re definitely down in the sack, right?