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Manny Machado Bets A Fan $300 Million The Padres Win A World Series Before The Dodgers
Gotta love it when you try and shit talk a millionaire athlete and then it backfires and suddenly YOU are on the hook for a $300 million bet, right? These guys do the classic "hold my camera while I try and get a reaction outta him!" 10 straight Octobers off? I think it's kind of foolish to think the Padres won't make the playoffs at all in Manny's time there, they have a damn good young core and look to be loading up, so he's probably wrong right there. Manny fires right back with "I bet you my contract we'll win the World Series before you guys do." Actually not a bad bet at all considering the Dodgers can't get over that American League hump in the World Series. Clayton Kershaw ain't getting any younger and healthier, but they do have some other good young players. Will they win a World Series anytime soon? Probably not though, right now they're set up better than the Padres, but all that will probably change in a few seasons.  So they throw some jabs, "YOU COULD HAVE WON 5  IN 10 YEARS IF YOU STAYED HERE!" Get a clue, guy. It was clear the Dodgers weren't attempting to bring Machado back once Corey Seager healed up from his surgery. He was a rental. Manny hits him with that information too, "They didn't want to pay me" he says.  I don't even think this guy is a Dodgers fan, I think he's a guy who recognizes Manny with good seats. He goes silent after Manny says that and then goes "uhhhh, I loved you in Dodger Blue!"
So not only is this guy a bonehead for trying to rub a $300 million contract in Manny's face, he showed he had no clue what he was talking about, and now probably owes Manny Machado $300 million sometime in the next 10 years. Not a great 4th for this guy! And shout out Manny for not being a total dick to him, easily could have dunked all over him but played it safe.