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Stephen Jackson Almost Fainted When A Reporter Asked Him If Kobe Bryant Could Handle Playing In The Big 3 League

Update: Apparently this is from last year. Saw it on the NBA reddit and none of the comments said that. Welp, that’s on me. Still a funny video regardless.

That’s the only acceptable response to that question. I mean how can you seriously ask if Kobe Bryant, who is only 40 years of age and could definitely still ball in the NBA, could handle the Big 3 league? You know who plays in the Big 3 league? Eddy Curry. He’s no less than 300 pounds now and can’t do anything but camp under the basket. He’s a unit. He plays lots of minutes in the Big 3 league. LAMAR ODOM plays in the Big 3 league. He’s like addicted to drugs and he plays.

Are the rules of Big 3 more lenient and invite more physical contact down low? Sure, but don’t try and tell me Kobe Bryant couldn’t handle or match that physicality. He’d probably be the most physical guy in the league. He’d try to swing on you if it came down to it. There’s that saying that there is no dumb question, but this reporter asked maybe the dumbest question possible in that press conference. Stephen Jackson almost left the presser and rightfully so. Get Kobe in the Big 3 league ASAP.

P.S. No, I am not a Lakers fan.