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Brady Riding Bitch Seat On A 4 Wheeler In Costa Rica


Fuckin A man.  Brady just can’t fucking go on vacation without getting emasculated.   He can’t do it.  Whether it be dancing, waterslides or riding bitch seat on a 4 wheeler.  Dude is always getting cuckholded on vacation.   On the bright side though at least Gisele kept some cloths on the kid this time.  That’s a relief.   Also just throwing that MILF supermodel ass all over the joint.

Anyway here are the lowest Brady vacation moments out there.  The 4 Wheeler doesn’t even come close to making the list because thankfully he’s still driving and honestly the more I looked at it the less it deserved a blog but I already wrote it so what the hell…

3. Gisele feeding Tom his lunch

2. – The Copa Cabana


1. Waterslide