RIP Jared Lorenzen

J Lo. The Pillsbury Throwboy. The Hefty Lefty. Not exaggerating at all when I say he was one of the most memorable athletes ever. A fan favorite on and off the field, and one of the nicest dudes I ever had the pleasure of coming across. We get to meet a lot of cool people because of this job and this industry, and Jared was one of the best. And while every Giants fan and Kentucky fan and football fan in general probably loved him for various reasons, everyone here at Barstool owes J Lo a debt of gratitude. You see, Jared was the guy who introduced Portnoy to the Chernin Group. Without the Throwboy, who knows if Barstool ever gets sold. The move to NY never happens. Erika never happens. The massive growth and expansion never happens. Some of your favorite personalities on the internet now that you found by way of Barstool may never have even gotten their start. Obviously whats important right now is that a family is grieving the loss of a man who was only 38 years old, but that extra wrinkle having him be such a key piece to so many lives here at the Stool connects us directly to him. As a guy who has been blessed with a lot in this world because of Barstool Sports, I owe him an extra special thanks for making my life and my dreams come true too. You will be missed, Jared. Positive vibes only to the Lorenzen family.

I hope you’re belly flopping up there in heaven, Big Man. Thank you for everything. Rest in piece.