Flyers Give A Great Surprise To Little Fan Who Got A Crosby Jersey For Christmas



A couple weeks ago this little Flyers fan received the worst possible Christmas gift that any Flyers fan could ever receive. A Sidney Crosby jersey. Turns out his dickhead uncle or something ended up ordering a youth sized jersey by accident and couldn’t return it in time so it was just a prank, but still. Well the Flyers took notice of how great the little dude’s reaction was and decided to hook him up. The team may not do a ton of great stuff on the ice, but off the ice they’re a bunch of superstars.

A few quick notes to take real quick. 1) Kohlsen Fisher is a slick name. Has a nice hockey ring to it. 2) Santa Claude > Santa Claus. 3) Not sure how great of a gift having to go watch the Flyers attempt to play hockey is but it’s the thought that counts, right? 4) The Flyers hooked this kid up for sure, but what’s the deal with that old Reebok Edge jersey they threw in there? 5) How do I make a viral video so the Flyers start sending me a bunch of free shit, too?

On a serious note, this was a pretty great move by the Flyers. Good for them, good for Giroux, and let’s hope they give a nice little gift to all of us and #TankForMcDavid.

h/t @TheRealLeClair7