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Kawhi Leonard Has Returned To The North After His Journey Below The Wall

Everybody knows NBA free agency truly doesn’t begin until we start tracking the flight patterns of private jets. It’s one of my favorite yearly traditions once we get to this time of year and we have quite a significant occurrence that just went down in Toronto. Kawhi has returned from his trip below the wall and is back safely in the confines of his kingdom. The question now is, did he fly across the country just to tell the Raptors to their faces that he was leaving for the Lakers? Or, did he perhaps return so that they could do a press conference announcing he’s staying? I feel like either possibility is just as likely. We have no idea what Kawhi is thinking or what he wants all we know is we’re most likely going to get an answer fairly soon. Woj reported that it could come later today or tomorrow, so naturally the internet is being held hostage. Screw going outside we have Twitter to refresh.

It is pretty funny that Kawhi’s camp has made it pretty clear that they want zero leaks involving this process and that they could potentially impact his decision. Now this isn’t exactly the Raptors leaking info, that flight patter shit is public information, but if I were the city of Toronto I wouldn’t exactly be stalking this dude via helicopter. That feels like it may backfire and I wouldn’t even risk it. Even if you knew he landed, don’t report it, don’t even say it out loud.

Personally I think he should just tweet out the team no matter who it is. He hasn’t tweet a damn thing in nearly two years to the day, and it honestly might become one of the most viral tweets of all time. Just keep it simple




That would be incredible. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some refreshing to do.