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Florida Man Wearing A "Who Needs Drugs, No Seriously I Have Drugs" T-Shirt Gets Arrested For???? Drugs.

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(Source) John Balmer is accused of possessing drugs, but you can’t call him a liar.When he was arrested at a Kmart in Hudson on Monday, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said, Balmer, 50, had on a black shirt. Across the chest it said “Who needs drugs?”

Below that it said: “No, seriously, I have drugs.” And, the sheriff said, he had drugs. In a photo taken at the time of his arrest, Balmer, of Spring Hill, is seen scowling in front of a stuffed animal claw game outside the store.

According to an arrest report, he was in line at Kmart when a deputy walked in. Balmer saw the deputy and tried to hand a “bag of green leafy substance” to the person behind him, according to officers. That person declined to take the bag. Balmer then allegedly walked to the cash register, put the baggy on the ground and paid for his items. Another deputy approached. Store workers told him about the baggy.

Deputies discovered it held marijuana and methamphetamine. Balmer declined to speak after his arrest. But perhaps a T-shirt is worth 1,000 words. No further information was immediately available.




GENIUS. Absolutely genius. Who is the absolute last guy you suspect of having drugs? The guy wearing a “Who needs drugs, no seriously I have drugs” t-shirt. Never in a million years would someone be that dumb right? Of course not. It’s called hiding in plain sight. Yeah technically it didn’t work this time but that doesn’t mean it isn’t genius. It’s like losing a bet but being on the right side. Everyone gets beat sometimes, doesn’t diminish the fact that this strategy is nearly flawless, minus the whole openly passing around a bag of weed and meth in front of a Cops face, that part seemed a little poorly thought out.





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