Chick Stabs Woman On The 6 Train For Staring At Her

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NY Post – A knife-wielding psycho savagely attacked a woman on a No. 6 train during yesterday’s morning rush hour in Midtown — simply because the victim had stared at her, cops said. The suspect, Ashley Jacob, 31, allegedly stabbed Heather Burke, 39, in the stomach and shoulder aboard the northbound train as it entered the 59th Street station at Lexington Avenue just before 10 a.m. Another rider intervened during the assault, and an onlooker nabbed the alleged attacker. Jacob was placed in a restraining device and hauled away. Burke was taken to a hospital and was in stable condition.

I’m not gonna say Heather Burke deserved a knife in the stomach and the shoulder, but when you’re breaking the number 1 rule of the subway, you gotta accept your punishment. Eyes forward or eyes down at all times if you don’t want to end up shanked. You think I blog about the unwritten code of subway travel as some sort of joke? Like I’m exaggerating or something? Fuck no. The subway is a collection of the poorest, craziest people in New York City. You can never tell who’s the lunatic with the knife. You can never be sure which chick is going to be carried out inside some sort of police cocoon. So you don’t look at anyone, don’t talk to anyone, don’t give anybody money, and spend as little time down there as possible. I’m not saying that shit for fun.

PS – How about the 2 Good Samaritans intervening? Hey idiots that bitch is getting stabbed because she broke the rules. Now you’re breaking the rules by sticking your nose in other subway riders’ business. Just a complete and total breakdown of the system on the 6 train yesterday. Don’t stare at anybody, and if knives come out and people start getting stabbed just look the other way. Let the natural selection of the MTA run its course.