Lingerie Football League Head Coach Loses His Shit On A Ref, Bets Him A Case Of Beer On Who Knows The Rules More

Oh, hell yeah. If you follow me you know I’m not a huge fan of officials. Never have been. They get all the breaks. Make a bad call? Guess what? Minimal punishment. You can fuck up your job and not really have a huge punishment. It’s bullshit. They don’t even have to do interviews.

Luckily, our favorite LFL head coach Chris Michaelson is back to put them in their place. I’ve watched this video 100 times already. MOTHERFUCKER! I’LL EMAIL YOU THE RULEBOOK. I GOT A FUCKING CASE ON IT! Just a perfect freakout leading to an unbelievable bet. I need more refs vs head coaches making bets in sports like this.

We’ve seen him lose his shit on refs before:


We’ve seen him lose his mind on his own players:

Football guy indeed.

My only complaint is Heidi Golznig wasn’t on the sideline to do the interview