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THE KNICKS GOT BRADLEY BEAL!!!! .... Just Kidding, The NY Media Just Has No Idea Who The Fuck Bobby Portis Is

Live look as someone, probably over the age of like 50, picking up the paper and seeing the Knicks landing Bradley Beal only to find out it’s Bobby Portis

Listen, Bobby Portis is awesome. He’s going to be a fan favorite. He’s got a little of that Oak/Mason in him where he won’t backdown from shit and will go hard 100% of the time. Toss in that he can stretch the floor and he’s a fine player.

But, obviously Bradley Beal is Bradley Beal. We’re talking an All-NBA type player. Really though, this just sums up our lives as Knicks fans. We look at photoshops and trick ourselves that it’s actually going to happen this time. We did it with LeBron, Chris Paul, LeBron again, Durant, Kyrie, Zion (I know, I know, the lottery), Anthony Davis and I’m probably even missing more.

Listen, Clem talked about it and I’ve tweeted it before too. At least the Knicks learned a bit here. Sure, they missed out on all the top free agents. But, they didn’t just throw out a dumb big contract to someone for 4-5 years. That’s a step!

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Go New York, Go New York, Go!