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Start Your July 4th Off With The Best Team USA Moments

Happy 4th everyone. In honor of this country that we reside in, let’s spend the morning taking a trip down memory lane. I started this blog a couple years ago and it's one of my favorite ones every year. So here we are running it back again. These are the best Team USA moments in all of sports. There’s obviously a lot to think about, but the first thing that comes to mind has to be this:

It’s one of those moments I wish I was alive for, especially with it happening in the United States. There’s no doubt this is the biggest moment in all of sports for any team that has USA across the chest. But, this is an American holiday so let’s look at some of the other best moments for USA teams. These are just the ones that popped in mind for me, so let me know what some of your favorite moments are.

Vince Carter dunks on Frederic Weis at 2000 Olympics: 

Landon Donovan beats Algeria:

TJ Oshie vs Russia in a shootout: 

USA beats Mexico dos a cero in World Cup Round of 16:

Charles Barkley has no respect for Angola: 

Kerri Strug dominates the vault while injured in 1996:

Michael Phelps celebrates the 4×100 relay in 2008: 

Brandi Chastain rips shirt off after game-winning PK:

2008 Gold Medal game vs Spin - Kobe goes crazy

Not team USA, but the best USA chant:

Phillies and Mets fans find out Bin Laden is dead, go nuts with USA chant: