English Soccer Player Whines About Alex Morgan's Tea Celebration Being 'Distasteful'; US Players Too Busy Dancing Their Asses Off To Care

Oh, boo fucking hoo. You don’t want Alex Morgan sipping tea after scoring the game-winning goal, don’t let her score. Pretty simple strategy if you ask me. I mean your country did spend all week calling her arrogant. I can’t imagine why she’d want to troll England. Can’t imagine it one bit.

I mean hell, this is just becoming a trend now in the women’s World Cup. People across the world complaining about the United States celebrating and winning. That’s the important thing here. The US just keeps winning and that’s all that matters. So celebrate however you want with that going on.

But, let’s check in with the US team to make sure. You know, one can only assume they may have been upset with the words. They may have been planning some revenge.

Nah, they are just dancing their asses off in the locker room not giving a fuck what others think. Time to win a 4th World Cup.