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Wake Up With Brady Anderson Hitting A Lead Off Home Run In 4 Straight Games
People really don't talk about what a good season Brady Anderson had in 1996. Came out of basically nowhere to throw up all star numbers. The guy who looked like a statue finally found his swing and somehow this leadoff guy hit 50 homers. All natural baby! Here we have Anderson hitting a leadoff homer in 4 straight games. Totally normal, right? Probably had the best year ever for a leadoff hitter in '96, 50 homers, 110 RBI, 21 stolen bases, they just don't make them like Brady anymore. So what his career high before this season was 21, and who cares that he never hit more than 24 after this season, that 50 burger coming out of nowhere is insane. No other choice than to just accept how good he was. Love me some Brady.