I Wont Stop Hitting 3's Until Chris Brickley Invites Me To His NBA Players Only Gym

Not too long ago, videos of Carmelo Anthony and D’Angelo Russell surfaced the world after they hit like 2 or 3 shots in a row. Now JR??

A simple task that damn near my Grandpa could do, if he didn’t die from old age of course. They were hooping at The Summit, a gym in NYC that’s owned by “USA Today’s Top NBA Workout Guru” Chris Brickley.

This guy is still pissing me off because I emailed and tweeted at him a few times inviting him to invite me to his gym and put on a show. Maybe it’s just me but it’s not that fucking hard to hit 7 threes in a row. Anyone can shoot! Whether it’s at a gun range, DM’s, or at a cringey white person party, it’s doable!

All I want is for Brick to let me make it rain for 15 minutes and I’ll be out of his way. It’s a win-win for the both of us! He gets more publicity for his gym, I get compared to some NBA players, and he would have proof that not only can he make an NBA player shoot better, but can make a special needs kid shoot like Klay Thompson! His phone would be blowing up like a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if this video happened!

“I won’t stop shooting until I get my shot.” “Can’t stop, won’t stop.”

“I’m gon’ get mine more than I get got, doe”

or whatever Marshawn Lynch said.

It’s going to be hard to reach him though. The dude can’t respond to an email but can subtweet like a sophomore girl who didn’t get a text back from Josh. Consistency is key, but that ain’t no problem for me. Blog Bars.