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Like Father, Like Son - LT Jr. Arrested For Sex With Minors (Yes, Plural)


TMZThe son of NFL legend Lawrence Taylor has been arrested for rape in Georgia. According to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrence Taylor Jr. was arrested on July 7 on 3 counts — statutory rape (felony), aggravated child molestation (felony), and statutory aggravated sodomy (felony). The accuser is a female under the age of 16. Also, the charge of “sodomy” does not entail anal sex — in the legal sense, the term “sodomy” can refer to oral sex, as it does in this instance. Cops responded to a home in Powder Springs, GA around 5pm on July 6 and the accuser claimed Lawrence Taylor Jr. forcibly performed oral sex on her. The accuser told cops LTJ “first asked her if he could eat her out repeatedly in which she stated no.” The accuser says LTJ then “with force spread her legs then pulled her bathing suit to the side and gave her oral sex.” There was ANOTHER underage girl at the scene who told cops she had had sex with LTJ back in February 2012 approximately 5 or 6 times. LTJ was hit with the aggravated sodomy charge and the child molestation charge for the alleged forced oral sex on the first accuser. He was arrested for statutory rape for the alleged sex with the second accuser. He could face 25 YEARS TO LIFE in prison if convicted on either the sodomy charge or the child molestation charge. The statutory rape charge carries a sentence of 1 to 20 years behind bars.

You fucking kidding me?? I gotta see this shit on Victor Cruz signing day?? Well, I guess if you want to try and find a silver lining, Lawrence Taylor Sr. is no longer the biggest scumbag in the Taylor family tree. At least dad’s minor was a hooker. In all seriousness, if this turns out to be true, Junior deserves to be shot right in the face & pops should have to pull the trigger. Couldn’t pass along the ability to blow through blocks & wrap the QB instead of a penchant for underage pussy? Your son is a god damn maniac. The whole “forced oral on a woman” thing is such a twisted concept in itself, let alone on a minor. Straight up psychotic. Hope he enjoys snacking on hairy dingleberries too. I’m willing to bet there will be squeaky clean assholes across the board in the pen once inmates get word LT Jr. likes to force his tongue on little girls.