The Warriors Retiring Kevin Durant's Number Is The Corniest Move I've Ever Seen


So I know that the Warriors organization is to blame for why KD is out for a year and maybe more with a torn achillies, but doesn’t this seem like a rather over the top apology gift?

First of all, the Wojs and Shams of the world are assuming that Durant’s number is being retired by the Warriors. Are we sure that’s true? Joe Lacob said “no player will ever wear #35 for the Warriors again”. I don’t see any mention of the word retirement. Perhaps Lacob is just agreeing with every player both before and after KD in thinking that #35 is a trash ass number. I mean, who’s the next best player to ever wear it, Chris Kaman?


But more importantly, how about the fact that KD only played in Golden State for three seasons? This is setting the bar pretty low for a jersey retirement. And you can say he went to three straight finals and won two of them, whatever. You, me, and Draymond all know that KD is a bitch and the Warriors never really needed him anyway. They just used him to take away all of the competition out of the league. But if we’re sending KD off with a jersey retirement, shouldn’t some else be getting one too……? Live look at Iggy:

I hear you, Iggy. Everyone who is anyone better be getting their shit retired. And forget jerseys or even statues, Steph and Klay better get monuments outside the arena. Draymond’s number will get retired for sure, but what about Shaun Livingston? Quinn Cook? How about JR Smith?


One could argue that JR was just as much part of a Warriors championship as KD was. And if KD is getting his jersey retired after such a short stint, then you damn well better believe Kawhi Leonard’s will, too. Kawhi put an entire country on his back. At times, KD was able to just sit back.

I’m out on this. Corny move out of the Warriors, and a silly precedent to set for the league. Is LeBron’s jersey even retired in Miami? Pat Riley better get on that or word will get out that he’s not a player’s President. This whole thing just feels like a publicity stunt to me.