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How Was Your Morning Commute? Did It Have 2 Women Fist Fighting Each Other On The Train? K, Then It Sucked

Fight starts at 1:35



If you’re on the train, this was in San Francisco but what I’m about to say works for every city, don’t you root for things like this to happen? The Monday through Friday grind can wear you down. Same thing every day. Read your book, listen to your music, occasionally see a cute girl, rinse and repeat 300 times. So days like this, when 2 chicks are going UFC on each other are awesome right? if I’m on this train I’m not even thinking about breaking it up. Let that shit play out, maybe if you’re lucky the cops will get called and demand you give a report so you have an excuse to show up 2 hours late to work. That’s winning the lottery territory there.





How about this woman rocking the best Librarian look of all time. Even if she isn’t a Librarian she is and once she retires she’ll probably rent out the extra rooms in her house and make it a bed and breakfast. Hope you aren’t allergic to cats because she has SIX of them.





h/t bso