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Did Kareem Hunt Seriously Get In A Bar Fight This Weekend?

Here’s what we know so far … the Cleveland Browns running back went to the Barley House party spot on Saturday night with a bunch of friends and stayed late into the evening.

Right after he left, SOMETHING happened — and several cops went over to speak with the 23-year-old. He wasn’t arrested. Wasn’t detained. He left without incident.

But, a witness tells TMZ Sports … Hunt was involved in a physical altercation with another man before the cops came over. The witness wasn’t sure if it was a “real” fight or if he was just horsing around with a buddy.

Barley House owner Bobby George told WKYC3 that Hunt was involved in a “small argument with one of his friends … People blew it out of proportion.”

You know what, screw it. I’m always Mr. Ohio, Mr. Confident, and Mr. Cocky when it comes to my teams, but this is absolute bullshit. I cannot spin zone this at all. I see people on Twitter defending Kareem here saying that he wasn’t arrested, wasn’t detained, and left without incident. They say he may have even been play fighting with a buddy. I DO NOT CARE. Quit giving him the benefit of the doubt. You lose the benefit of the doubt when you kick and shove a female. The fact of the matter is that he had to speak to the police out front of a bar in the middle of the night. They don’t do that for good behavior.

When you play with matches, you’re going to get burnt. And Kareem Hunt has already been burnt. Really really badly. So you would think that the 23-year-old who is out for 8 games due to domestic violence could lay low for a little while. Nope. Kareem’s version of laying low is to be out in the bars past midnight. Bro, I thought you just got baptized?

Same old song and dance. And maybe I’m completely wrong here. Maybe he was just play fighting. Maybe there wasn’t any incident at all. But that doesn’t change my take one bit. You cannot hoot with the owls at night and then soar with the eagles at dawn. He who lays down the dogs will rise up with fleas. Choose whatever metaphor you want. The point is, Kareem, is that you’re up to bat with an 0-2 count. You need to protect. But you’re playing it dangerous. There are a grand total of ZERO reasons on this Earth why you should be in a bar after midnight right now.

The Cleveland Browns are going to win 10+ games with or without Kareem Hunt this year. This isn’t about football. This is about a guy getting a second chance at living the rich, famous, and glamorous life and him pissing it away before it even starts. Ray Rice couldn’t even get a second sniff at the league, and the Browns have given Kareem a rare second chance. Can he play? Yup. But can he behave? I actually thought the answer to that was yes. But now I’m not so sure.